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Garage Door Opener Problems

Why isn’t my garage door opener working?

There might be different reasons for the opener malfunctioning;
it could be mother board issue,
it could be a transistor issue,
it could be damaged gears.
There’s a lot of reasons.

Should I try to fix it on my own?

No! Most people would think we are just saying it so we can charge you, but at the end of the day this is the brain of your garage door system. meaning if your running your opener and it doesn’t do it’s job right your whole garage door could collapse damaging your cables, rollers, railing, almost every part is connected to the brain – same like in our body.

Alpha Garage doors technicians are trained to fix almost any kind of garage door issue you might experience,
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Our Technicians Are Expert on these Garage Door Openers

Chain Drive Opener

The go-to opener for most builders and home owners. The benefits of having this kind of garage door opener is that it’s much more durable and easier to maintain. Unfortunately it’s the noisiest among the different garage door openers but still in most houses you won’t be able to hear it from the inside.


Screw Drive Opener

Used in harsh environment conditions, this kind of opener will sustain extreme cold temperatures. The main benefits of having this type of opener is that it’s very quiet and very low maintenance. This type of opener is no longer sold by us since anyone looking for this kind of opener will be better off with a belt opener.


Belt Drive Opener

Using rubber belts for moving the door meaning less noise and smoother operation to the garage door. It usually costs more than a standard chain drive opener but has the benefits of less noise and less vibration.


Jack-Shaft Opener

The Rolls-Royce of garage door openers.
Mounted on the sidewall of your garage and are great for the high-end modern look esthetics. This garage door opener type is also the fastest and quietest one of all of the garage door openers.

Our Services Include:

  • Replacing & Repairing broken and frayed garage door cables.
  • Repairing and installing new overhead door openers.
  • Garage Door Torsion and Extension spring repair and replacement.
  • Replacing sections or garage door panels.
  • Repairing misaligned tracks and off track garage door repair.
  • Replacing and installing garage door weather-strips.
  • Programming and replacing garage door remotes.

We Service

All Garage Door Types & Brands



Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, feel free to contact us through the contact us at 587-317-5895 and we will get the rest of details and send our technician, in some cases we will charge an extra fee.

100% Yes! in some cases if you need we would book our technicians for another day.

Our on site technicians will accept; Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Debit, Cheque and etransfer.

No! for every service we preform the technician will make sure you are 100% happy with the job preformed.
In some cases the technician will ask for payment upfront if it requires custom ordering of specific products such as; garage door opener, garage doors and specific garage door system parts.

Our team of technicians are always on the road in different parts of the city making sure we can be there for your needs, to cater for driving distance and fuel consumption our service call charge is $29.99 – but don’t worry once we preform the job the service call payment gets deducted from the final bill balance.

Alpha Garage Doors Repairman offers warranty on all parts & labor at no additional cost! it’s part of what make our company special making sure we stand 100% behind the job we preformed.

Alpha Garage Doors Repairman gets the door built to your needs, our technicians will come to your house and assess your new door needs and will be able to give you a better quote.

We would normally recommend to install springs as a set, but again it’s hard to say when we don’t see your garage door. Usually the cost of fixing your garage door spring will start from $149.99+GST.

It depends, we work with the most trusted brands out there for garage door openers –
It all comes down to the features you need for your garage door, although we can safely say a new garage door opener will start at $249.99 + GST.

There are different types of cables, usually for residential the charge will start at $75.99 + GST, but a safer bet will be to have a technician come to inspect your garage door and make sure to give a better suited quote.

Customers reviews

Had my garage door opener replaced, I was in a rush as my garage didn’t open and I needed to go to work. The guy showed up within 30 minutes and fixed everything within an hour. I will always call these guys because of their fast response.
Garage Door Opener Review
Jack H.
Got A New Smart Garage Door Opener. I Needed to replace my garage door opener the other day, I called Alpha garage doors and other companies, they were so much cheaper and were to come in the same day. The guy installed the new smart garage opener so I can make sure my door is always closed even when I’m away, Very happy with them!
Garage Door Opener Review
Jess L.
I had issues with my garage door opener where it wasn’t opening the garage door at all, I called alpha garage doors and the guy came within 30 minutes, he fixed my garage door spring and garage door opener so fast. Definitely recommend these guys!
garage door cable repair
Wayne J.

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