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5 Common Issues With Garage Door Repair

Are you having issues with your garage door? It happened to all of us! Garage door repairs are unavoidable due to a variety of factors including weather and daily wear and tear. A little garage door troubleshooting here and there can go a long way in maintaining the building and performance of your door.

While some repairs and upkeep are too huge to handle on your own, others are simple and quick to complete. The goal, though, is to spot and fix the problem as soon as possible to avoid more serious damage and costs down the road.

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With that in mind, here are our recommendations & some useful tips for resolving the most common garage door issues. So, grab your gears and tool belts, and let’s get to work and get it done!

Here are some of the frequently asked Garage Door Repair Questions:

My Garage Door doesn’t open

The common reasons for this kind of situation are either a broken spring, spooled cables, unaligned track, damaged panel, opener programming, or malfunction in the remotes. Sometimes it’s easy to calibrate the problem and solve it, but usually, it’s something which should be done by an expert to make sure it’s done properly and doesn’t lead to any other damages or extra costs for the garage doors.

My garage door won’t close

This is one of the most common problems, and fortunately, it is also one of the easiest to resolve. Lubricant is needed to reduce friction in chain and screw drive garage door openers that aren’t working properly. Apply a generous amount to the whole length of the chain, wipe away any excess, and you’re good to go.

My garage door spring broke what should I do?

A garage can be your home’s largest storage closet, a great space to practice music, or simply a place to store your automobile. You’ll need a functional entrance door regardless of how you use your garage. Garage door motors wear down over time, but garage door springs are a lesser-known cause of failures. In some circumstances, hiring a local garage door provider to replace the springs and start over is the best option. However, you may be able to perform a simple repair, which is the most cost-effective and easy alternative. Check out these typical problems that could be causing havoc on your garage door springs and if repairing or replacing them is the best solution before calling in a contractor.

  • Excessive Noise When it comes to opening and closing the door: When you last opened or closed the garage door, did you hear a loud, nearly gunshot-like noise? The torsion spring most likely snapped. These springs are extremely tense, and when they break, they don’t do it quietly. Torsion springs have a lifespan of 5,000 to 20,000 cycles, which translates to 7 to 12 years of use. It’s time to replace the spring if it’s snapped. A garage door spring replacement can cost anywhere from $150 to $300, with most repairs taking about an hour. Because springs are often sold in pairs, experts recommend replacing both if one breaks.

  • Having Trouble Opening or Closing Your Garage Door: Is it difficult to open or close your garage door? Your first impulse might be to examine the engine, but in many situations, it’s the springs that are the problem.

  • The Garage Door Appears to Be Unbalanced: If your system appears uneven, with one side of the garage door opening more easily than the other, one of the springs has failed. What is the solution? Replacement, as you may have imagined.

  • Wear and Tear Visible Signs: Have you checked your garage door springs for obvious signs of wear and tear? Hire a garage door repair specialist for a tune-up and inspection of your torsion springs that show physical signs of wear, such as being loose or drooping, but still perform normally. They may advise replacing the springs, but they could still be good for another year or two.

  • When operating, there are squeaking noises: If the torsion springs are squeaking while the garage door is opening or closing, you should get a garage door inspection performed by a qualified home inspector. These squeaks could be caused by a lack of lubrication, but they could also be a sign of something more serious. Invest in garage door spring oil and apply it every six months once the pro has given you the all-clear.

  • Garage Door Opener Won’t Open: If you press the button on your garage door opener and it only lifts the door partially or not at all, there could be a variety of problems, including damaged springs, motor problems, and stripped gears. In any event, you should cease operating the garage door opener until an expert can diagnose the issue
  • Garage Door Spring Damage Can Be Dangerous If Left Unattended: Garage doors are complex technological devices with several moving parts. The springs are one of the most important garage door components because they regulate the motion of the door as it opens and closes. If you keep using your garage door despite the springs showing symptoms of wear, the motor will be overworked, resulting in costly repairs down the road.

Furthermore, all the springs could snap at the same time, posing a serious safety and harm risk.

My Garage door cable snapped

My garage door cables have snapped! This will sound familiar if it has ever occurred to you.
If it hasn’t already, you’ll be aware of the signs and dangers associated with a broken garage door lift cable.
Cable is used in garage doors for a variety of reasons. Many people call this ‘plane cable,’ although it’s a malleable twisted cable made up of several strands of galvanized wire. A component is known as a ‘lift cable’ is the most common application for this.
This cable is hooked to the bottom corner of the door and then directed to the counterbalance spring according to your door’s counterbalance type.
Many doors have a retaining cable’ as a supplementary purpose cable. This cable is used with extension or stretch-type springs on overhead doors. In the case that an extension spring breaks, a holding cable helps to keep it from falling or flying around the garage.
Today, we’ll concentrate on the lift cable.

  • What caused your garage door cable to snap?
    When the garage door is opened, these cables go through a set of pulleys or wind on a cable drum or spool. This part may wear out over time due to use or deteriorate due to dampness near the bottom of the door. If a pulley’s bearings are worn out, it might speed up the wear process. If the door is out of alignment, the cable may rub against other hardware, such as the garage door track, causing premature wear. Before a cable fails, a visual check will typically allow it to be replaced. Examine for symptoms of rust, corrosion, fraying, or excessive wear.

  • What Should You Do If a Cable Is Broken?
    Most cable replacements are straightforward and uncomplicated. A cable failure may have an underlying reason in some cases. Cable failure can be caused by a variety of factors, including defective bearings, worn parts, and improper adjustment.
    A qualified technician should inspect the door system and, if necessary, repair parts. When it comes to cables, it’s generally a good idea to replace the entire set if one fails. 

The door and garage door opener system will be lubricated, adjusted, and safety tested as part of this service.

What do you do for your garage door repair In Calgary?

The simplest answer to this is general maintenance and regular check-up every quarter. Why do we suggest this? We say this because your regular checkups include inspection of the door, safety tests, examining the hardware such as chains, belts, springs, and seals, cleaning the door, replacing battery and bulb, and monitoring the speed for opening and closing and much more.

If your in need for garage door repair, better let the professionals handle it

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