Garage door installation


Factors to Ensure Convenience & Efficiency

Are you looking to install a garage door in your newly constructed property? Or perhaps, you want to replace your squeaky, problematic garage door for a brand-new model? As the most trusted garage door repair experts in Calgary Alberta, we believe it’s wise to build your understanding about garage door functionality and components.

What kind of features do you seek? What variety and features are available within your price range? Which garage door is the most durable? Keep reading to explore some crucial factors that will help you answer these questions.

Safety First!

Safety is the most essential feature of a garage door. It protects your property, belongings and your family. Therefore, it’s wise to invest in garage doors that come with tech-savvy openers. At Alpha Garage Doors Repair, we are firm advocates of embracing technological solutions to enhance security and functionality.

Garage door openers with rolling-code systems are highly efficient and offer robust security and convenience. We recommend fellow Albertans residing in remote communities to invest in garage door openers with security controls to eliminate the risk of intrusion and burglaries. Safety sensors are another attractive feature to prevent injures, especially with children and pets around the house.

The Right Material

What matters the most, visual appeal, tech-savviness, functionality, or convenience? Our experience has taught us that every property owner is different in this regard. Some gravitate towards wooden garage doors to enjoy a charming aesthetic outlook and boost their curb appeal. Sadly, many homeowners don’t realize that wood requires extensive upkeep, and a lack thereof leads to extensive repairs.

Many property owners in Calgary ask us for recommendations for the cheapest garage doors. Aluminum is the cheapest choice of material, but we strongly recommend against it. Fiberglass is a sturdier, more durable choice, but not suited to the freezing cold climate of Calgary. Vinyl is a great choice that offers robust durability with minimal upkeep needs.

Functionality Matters the Most

It pains us that very few property owners are concerned enough to examine metrics, like the weight, horsepower, and motor specifications. And when disturbances ensue, they can’t figure out what went wrong with the motor. You see, functionality matters the most, especially if you’re buying a heavy door.

Be sure to invest in a higher horsepower motor for a heavier door, moderate horsepower rating for a lightweight structure. It’s a simple rule that will help you make the right investment.

Aesthetics and style are also crucial considerations. After all, you want the garage door to blend in beautifully with the architectural style, and the stunning Calgary landscape. We advise exploring a variety of styles to find the perfect pick.

We’ve realized that cost is an aspect that overwhelms many property owners, encouraging them to find the cheapest model. That’s a mistake and we strongly advise against it. Book a consultation session with our skilled technicians and let them help you find the best model that aligns with your budget.

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