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What is the Lifespan of Garage Doors in Calgary?

The best way to guarantee the proper function of your garage door and it’s springs, rollers, panels, safety lights, remotes, tracks, and opener- call and schedule garage door maintenance from Alpha C Garage Door Repairman. Call us for a FREE, No Hassle Estimate. We also offer Local Garage Door Repair Services for all Calgary customers.

Depending on the weather and how well you maintain your overhead door, the lifespan of garage doors in Calgary may vary from year to year. Torsion springs can last between 10,000 and 20,000 cycles, which is how long a door can be held up before it starts to break down the spring’s material, leading to a failure. Let Alpha C Garage Door Repairman inspect your garage door system during their amazing, FREE, On-Site Estimate for Calgary Garage Door Repair Services.

Torsion springs last between 10,000 and 20,000 cycles

Typically, the springs on a garage door are rated to last between 10,000 and 20,000 cycles. This number is determined by the length and diameter of the springs. Increasing the wire size or the diameter of the springs will increase the number of cycles they will be able to endure. This is because as the door is opened and closed, the energy is transferred.

A high-cycle torsion spring is a good choice if you want to ensure a longer lifespan for your door. These are more expensive than standard springs, but you will be saving money in the long run. They are also a better option than the factory springs.

The price of a high-cycle spring will vary depending on its length and diameter. For example, a spring that is 20 pounds will cost about $30 more than a spring that weighs only ten pounds. You can also expect to pay a little more for the winding bars. These are made of steel rods that you can buy at your local hardware store. For the best garage door spring repair, give us a call. Let the pros install the best springs for an affordable rate. Schedule your spring replacement service today!!

Weather affects the lifespan of a garage door

Keeping a garage door in top shape is important to its function and appearance. Depending on the climate in which you live, your door may need regular maintenance to ensure that it functions properly for years to come.

For instance, a garage door that is constantly exposed to the cold can contract and warp metal parts. However, a well-insulated door can minimize this effect.

Another common problem is moisture absorption. If water is absorbed into the garage door, it can freeze, causing the door to lock and possibly even damage its mechanism. It is also possible for ice and salt to be deposited on the concrete floor of your garage.

Using the proper weather seal on your garage door can significantly reduce the rate at which it deteriorates. However, the longevity of your seal depends on a variety of factors, including your location, the type of use it receives, and how often it is closed.

There are several different types of weather seals, including ones that are specific to your garage’s needs. Aside from providing a seal, they also can help to prevent noise.

Cost of replacing a garage door

Whether you want to repair a garage door or replace it, you may be wondering how much it will cost. There are many things that can affect the cost of a garage door replacement. These include material, size, and design.

If you have a wood garage door, you can expect to pay about $200 to $800 for repairs. This includes replacing the panels and hardware. This type of door will last about 30 years. You can also add features to your door, such as windows, trim, and shatterproof or frosted glass.

You can also add insulation to your door. This can help reduce heating costs. You can choose from a variety of different options, such as fiberglass and reflective kits. Polyurethane is the highest R-value. However, polyurethane is experiencing shortages due to global supply chain issues.

A broken torsion spring costs an average of $250. It’s important to have a replacement for garage doors in Calgary as soon as possible. This will help avoid accidents and health risks.

The Lifespan of Garage Doors

Garage doors in Calgary have different lifespans; most depend on how frequently they are used and maintained. There is a variety of ways to extend the lifespan of your garage door. Alpha Garage Door Repair can help improve and fix your garage door and ensure its lifespan is optimized. Contact us now!

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Mohamed Ashif P.AMohamed Ashif P.A
00:44 02 Jun 24
Great service! I strongly recommend alpha garage..
Marcus ShangMarcus Shang
21:29 27 May 24
I called Alpha C Garage Door for repair on my garage door on Sunday morning and they were able to send someone over shortly. They quoted reasonable pricing for the cables and also noted a few hinges that needed to be replaced. The work was done right away and I did not have to worry about not being able to used my garage. Overall they have great service and do good quality work.
Roy DaganRoy Dagan
02:52 25 May 24
Their service is great, I had my garage door springs replacement done for less than 400$, I had another guy came with “no service call” but he wanted almost twice theat amount, The technician from Alpha C got my garage door repaired in no time. IF YOU ARE READING THIS TRUST ME, CALL THEM.
Nikole RovenskaNikole Rovenska
20:42 24 May 24
Thank you for the service. This is the first time in my life I needed an urgent technician call as I couldn't get out of the garage for work. The technician arrived in less than an hour and replaced the springs. Everything was done quickly and professionally. Thanks again, I highly recommend it wholeheartedly.
Ryan BakerRyan Baker
20:34 23 May 24
Great service, with a very quick turn-around to fix our garage door.
Dustin ThatcherDustin Thatcher
18:14 17 Apr 24
Stay away you want massively inflated /gouging level prices. 180 for cable replacements and 600 for spring replacements is over the top considering parts about 300 and labour would be under one hour.These folks are responsive I’ll give them that however don’t provide a quote or even ball park number over the phone then charge you 30 bucks to show up… the guy came looked at it, told me the price then left… 30 dollars for about three minutes - worst than a Calgary stampede carnival game!!
dominique hammouddominique hammoud
06:20 25 Nov 23
BUYER BEWARE!!!!! I called them to get my door looked at and quoted. They came fast which was great and zayne was really friendly and worked quick.they quoted me a higher price than I expected but not having time that day to call other places for repair I didn’t know what to compare it too. I asked if he could lower the price at all and he called his manager and then preceded to tell me I get 10% off being a first time client. I was surprised I had to ask and wasn’t offered that to begin with. I had a super weird feeling I was being overcharged but he was there and I needed my door fixed ASAP so I could park in there and agreed with the price. Still feeling like I needed to call around I did so the next morning to other garage repair companies to just to find out they quoted me $400-500 less for the exact same parts and job!!! I thought it may be a little difference being a competitive market but not by that much. I felt totally taken advantage of and called them to tell them and asked to speak to the manager that after a couple days I STILL have not heard back from. Classic once they get your money the customer service is gone. I also received my detailed invoice that I had to ask for cause I didn’t get that night detailing the work I got that was totally different amounts than was told originally even tho it added up to the same total. Super upset and feel very taken advantage of. No one should gouge their clients a bunch of money to have a reputable business in this city. My advice: get a couple quotes before giving this company your hard earned money!!!!!!!
Diane CruiseDiane Cruise
05:23 07 Sep 22
Thanks so much for your quick and professional job when you fixed my garage door a couple of weeks ago. And again today, when I had another issue, you were here within a few hours of my call! Great service and so appreciated!!!
Amir TajikAmir Tajik
06:51 15 Aug 22
I had Jacob from alpha garage door repair come out and do work on my garage he was simply amazing I couldn’t ask for someone better, he’s very knowledgeable, he’s understanding and knows exactly what needs to be done, he deserves a raise, I am a satisfied customer and wouldn’t go to any other company besides alpha now they earned my business and in the future for any garage needs it will definitely be u guys and I will definitely be requesting Jacob bc he’s the best out there - give him a medal guys the best, he kept asking me if I was satisfied with certain things before he moved on to the next thing, I truly appreciated his attention to detail and precision, what can I say mans a machine, did so much labor in the scorching heat and he told me he had another job to go to after mine I couldn’t believe it he’s a stand up guy and a true hard worker, if anyone uses alpha ask for Jacob u won’t be disappointed
Liza SBLiza SB
12:03 07 Aug 22
Great service! Their technician showed up on schedule, fixed the issue, and charged fair price. Gilad is diligent, knowledgeable, and courteous. Highly recommend.
Anton GelowitzAnton Gelowitz
21:44 25 Jul 22
Jacob was great he did the repair quickly and gave me a ton of options for the future. Great service!!! Will recommend you guys to everyone
Lisa SeibLisa Seib
21:02 11 Jul 22
We’ve had them come in and complete a couple of different repairs on our garage door for us and a warranty visit. Every time, they have been friendly, showed up when they said they would, explained what they were doing and completed the necessary work efficiently. Good work AND good service is hard to find these days………..this company has nailed it!! Thank you Jacob 🎉🎉
Andy JefferyAndy Jeffery
22:32 07 Jul 22
Excellent, friendly service. They found me the most cost efficient fix. I highly recommend- Andy J
Bill DemchukBill Demchuk
02:00 28 Jun 22
Was very impressed on how quickly they were able to make it and it didn’t take long to replace broken spring and do the time up. Sergei was super friend and explained everything perfectly. Will use again for sure!
Sahara SmithSahara Smith
21:39 29 May 22
We needed our garage door fixed. The gentleman who came was super friendly, explained all the options clearly, and patiently answered all our questions. After the job was done, he outlined everything that he had done and broke down each component of the price. Excellent service.
jn tjn t
00:37 27 Apr 22
Called about fixing a dent on the door panel, quick response after submitting an online form. Technician inspected the door, gave an honest assessment and also found a potential future issue with the side springs. Job was done in less than an hour.
Rob KisingerRob Kisinger
22:24 18 Apr 22
Called Alpha about a broken garage door spring. They sent a service technician out within 1.5 hours. The service technician Segev was excellent. He replaced both springs with a superior product, completed another minor repair to the door itself, and provided a complete maintenance service as well in under an hour. The final repair bill was reasonable considering the work done and the parts and labour warranty provided. I would definitely use them again.
Doug StrausDoug Straus
14:20 16 Apr 22
He was at my house at almost science fiction speed. Clean cut courteous technician. Garage door fixed, serviced, lubed adjusted.
Gregory KraussGregory Krauss
19:09 14 Apr 22
Found via google and read a few reviews that were as equally pleasing and satisfying as I experienced. Alpha technician is responsive, friendly, courteous and empathetic to the garage door emergency by responding quickly and having parts in stock. Called at 10 am for inspection and repair finished by 2 hours later. I would highly recommend Alpha for your garage repair incidents.Greg
05:36 05 Apr 22
Fast, same day service. Needed a spring fixed on garage door but ended up fixing the whole door because with my luck the other spring would have broke soon after, so why not have both sides with new springs! Decent and comparible prices. Friendly staff. Great work. Recommended!
randy mrandy m
00:22 24 Mar 22
Called mid aft inquiring about new garage door opener/installation to replace older one with broken sprocket. Called back quickly, tech on site in aft, ran through options and prices, and new opener was installed, door spring and hinges touched late aft. In today's world, fair prices (not cheap..but fair value), quality work, and actual customer service are rare...but Segev and company had all three so quite happy.... Definitely recommend.
Gisela SousaGisela Sousa
16:58 09 Mar 22
They were quick in solving my garage issue and very efficient. Woke up with a garage issue and got it fixed in the afternoon as soon as I arrived from work.Great communication. Also affordable. If needed down the road again, pretty sure that will contact them.
Rich BanaagRich Banaag
23:03 18 Feb 22
Very good service that’s done on the same day I called. Segev (the technician) gave me a call that he is coming, he arrived on time, inspected the broken garage door spring, explained to me exactly what he will do and gave me the quotation. The work was done efficiently and they even gave me a 2 year material/labor warranty. Will recommend their service for anyone.
Kirit GillKirit Gill
18:53 17 Feb 22
Garage door broke last night at 9pm, called Alpha in the morning and the tension spring was repaired before noon. Impeccable service, great communication, fair pricing and quality work. Even offer a warranty on their work. They replaced my spring with a much superior product. Segev was extremely knowledgeable and efficient. Highly recommend for any garage repair needs.
robin orrrobin orr
20:11 24 Jan 22
Great Service!Had a broken spring.Called at 10:30 am done and fixed at 1:00. Segev did a wonderful job and was very knowledgeable.I would recommend to all.
21:31 10 Jan 22
Today we discovered that one of our garage door springs broke after the cold weather. I phoned Alpha C and they had a technician come within 2 hrs of my call. The quote was very reasonable and he noted the previous spring was smaller than usual and should have lasted about 12 years, not 8 years.Gilly did the work in less than half an hour. The door works fine and very happy about his work. An overall great experience!
Tara CrooksTara Crooks
01:30 30 Dec 21
Extremely flexible on time of repair, as I work until 6pm. Door was repaired within 2 hours. It's been 3 weeks and is -30c now. Door still works great and sounds much better! Thanks Gilad for your great service!
Uma KathiresanUma Kathiresan
04:00 22 Dec 21
My experience with Alpha C Garage Door Repair was great! The service was extremely fast, as a technician was sent to my house within 1 hour of calling. The service is reliable and efficient. A nice plus was the 10% discount and 1 year service warranty. I would highly recommend!!
Gilli came to my house in the middle of a snow storm at night and fixed my garage door, which appeared absolutely destroyed. He managed to salvage the panels and most of the hinges to make it work. Another company would have just told me to replace the panels and charge me thousands on the spot. It's great to know there are still honest trades out there.Gilli worked diligently, patiently, efficiently in -19 to get the job done, saving my garage from burst water pipes and saving me a huge amount of anxiety.Amazing work. 10/10. Hire this man.
Donald AveryDonald Avery
02:20 10 Dec 21
Phoned these guys at 5:00 pm.... they sent a repairman at 6:00pm.Gilli did an awesome job ! Very professional and pleasant young man, gave us a quote, and fixed it in short order.I highly recommend This company and Gilli
Ivonne HerreraIvonne Herrera
03:47 23 Nov 21
My garage door motor broke, quick search on Google and I bumped into these guys.I checked and saw good reviews. I'm so happy i called them!! They booked me a technician for the next day. He came, replaced the opener real quick and efficient, and charged me a fair price.Would recommend 100%, honesty and good costumer service. Thanks guys, be sure you'll be my first option in the future 🙏🙏
Raheem RasheedRaheem Rasheed
21:45 21 Sep 21
My experience with Barry was exceptional. He was able to come the same day and was able to troubleshoot my issue and resolved it immediately. He is very kind, professional and stands by his work. His rates are very fair and reasonable. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for timely amd reliable service!

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