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Yearly garage door spring maintenance

The weather is changing, and that means it’s time to start thinking about your yearly garage door spring maintenance.

Sure, you might be worried about pollen or the latest cold virus going around, but there are also other things to worry about like your garage door! Believe it or not, even though they’re tough as nails on the outside – most garage doors have a system of springs on the inside. These springs can weaken over time and need inspection by a professional every year to make sure they’re still working properly! So how do you know if your garage door needs some TLC? Here are some telltale signs:
– Your opener keeps kicking back up after lowering your car into position for backing out
– You notice visible wear on any parts of the roll
– You hear noises when opening your garage door

If your garage door spring needs a bit of TLC follow this 3 step guide to make sure your spring is well taken care of:

1. Close the garage door and look at the spring
Stand inside the garage door and look at the bar above the garage door, that’s where your spring is located.
First thing to look for is if the spring is broken like in the picture below:

If the spring looks like this that means that it’s broken, in this case It’s better to call Alpha Garage Doors Repair and one of out technicians will be there to solve this problem for you.

2. Lubricate the moving parts
After making sure the spring is intact, lubricate it using WD-40 or a another specialized lubricant for garage doors.
Don’t forget at the same time to lubricate all other moving parts in your garage door system as this will reduce the likelihood of damage happening.

3. Finish the maintenance
In this step we’ll just want to make sure that everything runs smoothly, stand inside the garage – open the door & close the door – make sure that everything runs smoothly and that there’s no noise or any noticeable damage that’s happenning.

And done!

This does not replace the need for an actual certified garage door spring technician to have a look on your system.

If you want to keep your garage door spring going strong, then it’s important that you maintain the springs once a year. The best time is when there are no leaves on trees and before any snow falls. It’s also a good idea to make sure your doors aren’t hitting against anything or rubbing up against each other as this can cause unnecessary wear and tear which will shorten the life of your garage door spring. Make sure to check for rust at least every six months but ideally more often since moisture from rain could lead to corrosion in just a few hours!

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