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Weather Proofing your Garage Door

Top and Sides Garage Door Seal

Vynil Weather Strip

Considered as the cheapest option to go Vinyl Weather Strip has it’s benefits. 
If your garage door is old and you need to replace the weather seal vynil stripping might be a good option since it’s low cost and and can take the shape of any deformities your door has. Although it may cost your more at the long term since the Vynil Weather Strip has a shorter life expectency that the Steel one.

Steel Weather Strip

Your Best Option when it’s time to replace your Weather Seal.
Weather Sealing your garage door also protects your garage door from rodents, dirt, water and more
With a Steel Weather Strip you can know for sure that the rodents cannot chew through the strip so you won’t have any un-welcome guests at your garage.

Steel Weather Strip is durable, lasting many years if giving you a peace of mind knowing you don’t have to replace every 2 years.

Weather Strip
Weather Strip

Bottom Weather Strip

Bottom Weather Stripping your garage door is important as this is the the part that will make sure no melting snow, rain or debris goes in from the bottom of your door.

Usually this Part will be installed in 2 parts:
The Metal rim will be screwed on to the bottom of the door making sure it sits tight on the last panel – after that the rubber insert will be slided on to the metal rim for maximum sealing.

When Looking on your Garage Door make sure to check your bottom weather strip as well to make sure that there’s no rips or tears.

When Should I Replace My Weather Seal?

It all depends on the type of your garage door weather seal but it comes down 2 to factors:
1. Do you see gaps on your Garage door?
2. Do you see leaves/water going inside your Garage?

Although there’s multiple factors to consider whether it’s time to replace your weather seals there shouldn’t be any problems with those two we mention before.

If you see gaps or debris going inside your garage door even though your garage door was closed all that time that it’s time to switch your Garage Door Weather seal.

Call us at Alpha Garage Doors and one of our technicians will be able to assist you with proofing your garage door.

Our Services Include:

  • Weather Proofing your Garage Door For The Winter.
  • Repairing And Installing new Weather Strips along your gargae door.
  • Fixing Gaps in your Door Frame making sure it’s sealed.
  • Replacing sections or garage door panels.
  • Replacing and installing garage door weather-strips.

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