Peace Bridge

If you have ever been to Calgary, then you’ve likely noticed the imposing Peace Bridge. This sculptural landmark is one of the most iconic features in the downtown town core. Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, this bridge challenged the traditional boundaries of structure, design, and transportation. The bridge’s design features a 6.2 metre-wide pathway, distinct separation between bicycle and pedestrian traffic, and natural light. Because of its size, the Peace Bridge spans the Bow River without supporting structures. It is located in Peace Bridge, Calgary, AB.

If you’ve ever visited Calgary, you know the bridge is a must-see. A beautiful architectural masterpiece, the Peace Bridge is also a popular backdrop for photos. Despite its heartbreaking history, the bridge offers a peaceful walk with the help of live musicians. You can also catch a glimpse of the Bow River and Eau Claire Park from the Peace Bridge. It’s a great place to take photos or just sit and admire the landscape.

The Peace Bridge has separate lanes for cycling and pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians can take the sidewalks on either side of the bridge while cyclists can use the middle lanes. The bridge’s location is convenient for transit as it’s about a seven-minute walk from the 201 Red Line station. Nearby parks include Sunnyside Station Picnic Area, Peace Park, and View From Louise Bridge. It’s also easy to walk to the park from downtown Calgary.

Construction of the bridge began in 2007, with a temporary system spanning the Bow River for initial reinforcement and foundation support for both ends of the bridge.

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A Spanish steelwork fabrication company was hired to build the bridge’s components. After the steel pieces were fabricated, they were transported to the remote location where they would be assembled and welded together. The Peace Bridge Calgary AB is an impressive structure that connects two major cities in Alberta.

The City of Calgary faced the dilemma of traffic congestion and the opportunity to build a new bridge. Three bridges were overcrowded in 2007 and 2008, and the population was expected to double within the next 20 years. A fourth bridge was a must in order to relieve traffic congestion and avoid further damage to the environment. So, the construction of the Peace Bridge has been well received and has contributed to the quality of life in Calgary. You won’t find a better pedestrian bridge in Calgary than this. See more info on this page. 

Spruce Meadows: This picturesque park features year-round horse stables. The Spruce Meadows are host to numerous horse racing tournaments and special events. The Peace Bridge connects downtown Calgary with the rest of the city by a pedestrian walkway 15 feet above the street. The glass-roofed tunnels provide an incredible view of the city, and are an iconic Calgary feature. They offer a glimpse of history, a unique place for recreation, and a scenic view of the Rocky Mountains.

The Calgary Tower, built in 1968, is one of the tallest buildings in the city, standing 191 metres above the centre of the city. It includes a perception deck, complete with a 360-degree see. Children can sit on the glass floor and gaze down to the city’s boulevards below. There’s also an eaterie called the Sky 360 that slowly pivots, giving visitors a new perspective.

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